It is a magical tool for transferring data via sound directly. You can send short text (phone number, coupon code, URL, etc.) to your friends by mobile quite easily.
You may also turn your mobile to be remoter computer controller with this app.
No internet connection, NFC, Bluetooth required.
You just need two devices with GeeHola app installed in them. Create one message in any one, save it, open again and send it. That’s it!!! But to receive the message, the second device must be near by and in a listening mode. Now, try it yourself and have fun.

Following development we did:

  • Requirement Gathering
  • Analysis
  • Database Design
  • Web-Service development and Integration
  • Graphics Designs
  • iOS Development
  • Android development
  • Testing
  • Submit to Apple iTunes and Play Store

iphone Url :

Android Url :

  • Date: June, 2015