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June 3, 2019 android development

Every website needs proper Quality Assurance Testing prior to launch.

Instead of writing lengthy descriptions of how you found a bug on a website, ShareShot allows you to record video (along with your audio narration) or save images of where you found issues.

Let’s face it, web developers want to get clear and concise directions to fix a bug and rarely have time to read a paragraph description on how to replicate a bug you found. Pictures speak a thousand words, so let ShareShot do the talking.

Provide easy to follow video as you navigate a website, providing audio instructions along the way. Or, take a photo of the website and draw arrows and add text notes to bring attention to where you found the bug for the developer to better understand what items they need to fix.

Take the guesswork out of Quality Assurance Testing and get your websites launched faster, more efficiently and with a higher professional polish.

ShareShot can help!


* Easily record video walkthroughs of your website, along with voice overs
* Take screenshots of a website on your mobile device, along with annotations, text, arrows and shapes to bring certain elements into attention
* Upload your media, and share the URL with your Web Development team to fix bugs and issues you may find
* Audio/Video Media is stored for up to 7 days on our server for FREE
* Change the duration and quality of your ShareShots for optimal use
* Share the URL via Text Messaging or Email
* Sync your uploaded media between multiple devices, under one account
* … and so much more

We are committed to delivering the best product, so if you find any bugs or have an idea on product improvement, we’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for supporting ShareShot!