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Application Design


Benzatine offers best-in-class Mobile Application & UI Design services to help you stay ahead of the competition by crafting fresh, unique and engaging design concepts.

The Need for Smart Mobile Applications

Reaching far beyond their traditional role in communication; mobile phones are fast emerging as power packed platforms for sharing, collaborating, networking, browsing, entertainment, and more.

Mobile applications are integrating smarter features and designs to aid marketing campaigns, connectivity options and online business transactions for those on the go. Business entrepreneurs, corporations and individuals are now incorporating customized user interface designs into their applications to increase the usability and intrinsic worth of their products and services.

Mobile App UI Design from Benzatine

At Benzatine, we fully understand your business requirements and concerns with regards to smart mobile application development. Our mobile interface designs are complemented by innovative looks, new concepts, flexibility and simplicity. They are tailored to enhance the functionality and applicability of your digital presence and create both impressive and attractive layouts for your mobile applications.

Why should you Hire Benzatine?

At Benzatine, we understand the importance of handcrafting intuitive, cost-effective and user-friendly mobile UI designs. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to provide the best technological techniques and design practices to ensure an optimal customer experience for your business.

Our skilled and experienced team of mobile application developers and UI designers focus on deploying the latest segmented controls and multitasking tools, along with improved screen layouts, smart touch gestures (pinch, swipes or gentle taps) and a host of other features.

Our highly interactive and intuitive mobile user interface designs work effectively across diverse networks and devices and offer you vast opportunities for designing well organized mobile eco-systems.

Our services include:

  • Design & Development of multilingual pages applicable to core and affiliated websites
  • Mockups (flat/html) pages required for technical specifications
  • Smart widget design and icons, graphic designs, application UI and themes to address our out-of-the box concepts and ideas